Our refined design process drives successful innovations.
End-to-end support from idea generation to product shipment.

Design With an eye to creativity and marketability, XPNDBLS has successfully implemented design process fundamentals across many different product applications. Understanding material limitations and manufacturing processes is key to physical product realization.


Optimizing Function, Value and Appearance

Industrial design is the first of many steps in taking an idea to the manufacturing lines. This is when new concepts are originated and products are developed and defined. Our designs are created based on a deep understanding of where and how the product will be used. We develop practical solutions for end users that is appealing to the human eye and has the elegant feel of robust, high-end materials.


Feasibility analysis and internal structure

Whether it is plastic injection or metal casting. XPNDBLS has mastered the art of engineering and manufacturing. We create robust mechanical enclosures and have successfully delivered to different markets.

Focusing on longevity and manufacturing feasibilities, our mechanical engineering team have been creating solutions utilizing in harsh environment with track record of ruggedized and sustainable performance.


Knowing the User is a Necessity.

User experience (UX) is integrated into our design philosophy from the start. Every design has to be easy to use and engaging to the user. That’s why we consider the array of user demographics to tailor the user interface (UI) to become intuitive to a large audience of users. Taking a UI/UX approach results in an overall design process focused on enhancing the interaction between man and machine.

XPNDBLS brings quality consumer and industrial products into today’s highly competitive market. From the day an idea is conceived to the day the product is shipped, XPNDBLS’s team is committed to excellence and the highest industry standards.