Our refined design process drives successful innovations.
End-to-end support from idea generation to product shipment.

Engineering is the core of product innovation creativity and marketability. Understanding material limitations and manufacturing processes is the root to physical product realization. XPNDBLS provides advanced electrical, radio-frequency, and software engineering.

Electrical Engineering

XPNDBLS delivers state-of-the-art advanced electrical design proven to work in the industry. Plus, we do it in a timeframe our competitors find difficult to match. Our electrical engineering expertise extends from making a wireless motion sensor to a high-tech remote control with 3D tracking and gestural control.

Radio-frequency (RF) Engineering

At XPNDBLS, we know that achieving reliable, high-performance wireless connectivity hinges on how well the antenna has been designed and implemented within your product or system. We are familiar with FCC, IC, MFI and European compliance standards.

Our engineering team helps determine whether a standards-based or a custom protocol is best. When a custom RF protocol is required, our team has the background needed to design a radio to meet your exact product requirements.

XPNDBLS has an in-house testing chamber, which saves the expense of going to a third party and expedites the delivery time.

Software Engineering

Our software engineers and developers can work with a range of programming languages and source code to meet client requirements. Our application development process can take an application from creation to testing and debugging.

Developers work closely with computer analysts and engineers, using languages such as Java, C++ or ORACLE, to develop the necessary software specifications and improve faulty applications.