We are passionate in what we do and committed to the success of our work. Strive for aesthetic & functionality.


Imagine this for a moment:
you are late to work, and on your way to work, a client asks for an immediate file that needs to be delivered in the next 10 minutes. You stop your car look for the nearest Starbucks, order your daily dose of morning Joe, and find a place to sit so that you can open your laptop and start sending the email to your client. As you are sending the email, the barista calls your name. Your coffee is now ready, and you step out leaving your laptop behind. You pick up your coffee and return to your seat only to find your laptop is now gone. This is why Stilla was created.

Stilla is a wireless solution that provides peace of mind to anyone looking to secure their personal belongings. Whether you need to protect your work laptop, professional equipment or bicycle. If it moves, Stilla will notify you.


Built for iOS / Android

STILLA Motion is an elegant motion sensor that ties your precious belonging to your mobile phone.

Utilizing the latest Bluetooth Smart (C) solutions along with a precise motion sensor, Stilla communicates seamlessly to your phone and provides a modern monitoring shield around your valuables. We’ve focused on creating an intuitive user experience and simple graphical interface so everyone can use it.